Presents the

"V o i c e of the V o t e r s"

Coos County

Home Rule Charter 2014

Remember to vote! November 4th, 2014

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The purpose of this Charter is to create a local government that is responsive, responsible, and representative of the people of Coos County by promoting active voter participation. The voters of Coos County will adopt this Charter to assume local control over matters of county concern to the fullest extent permissible under the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and laws of the United States of America, and of the State of Oregon


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What exactly is this Coos County Home Rule Charter? It's a Constitution. It creates an enforceable contract between county citizens and their elected officials.Nine Oregon counties already have charters. Charters can be amended, but not by the commissioners. Only a vote of the people can amend their charter.

In late 2010 several troublesome proposals began to surface: An unelected County Administrator; Urban Renewal Tax expansion; Bandon Marsh Expansion; and the Coos Bay Wagon Road timber management. Some citizens wondered what they could do. This "Voice of the Voters" Charter started there. With this Charter there will be no County Administrator without a vote of the people. County Urban Renewal Tax decisions will go to a vote of the people. Transfer of major county assets ($100,000-plus) will go to a vote of the people. Five commissioners will be full time, fully accountable, elected at large, paid for by eliminating credit cards; reducing Human Resource's salary; bulk purchasing; and dedicated maintenance savings. Commissioners will vote only at regularly scheduled Coquille Board meetings. Citizen comments will be allowed at all meetings. The county will have open published contract bids and accountability for quality and compliance. Major decisions on control of the Wagon Road timber, county water rights, and county forestlands will be decided by the voters. And, following the abandonment and dismantling of the unmaintained Beaver Hill incinerators, Preventative Maintenance will now include dedicated funds. To qualify for the ballot, this Charter needed 1,521 signatures. It garnered 2,701 or almost 80% more than needed, and in only two months. A county administrator? Why have an expensive, unelected, golden-parachuted firewall between you and your elected commissioners? Also, this Charter requires no special elections. The State sets regular election days in March, May, September, and November every year. Major issues can be brought before the voters at these times. Take control. Get informed. Vote. Ronnie Herne PS: This Charter's name is "Voice of the Voters". It is not only its name but also its philosophy. It is written from the viewpoint of the voters, and it returns local county government to that old fashioned American value of government "of the People..."